Red Box

Red Box is an integrated and comprehensive set of tools that supports, manages and enhances the quality of IT services such as Help Desks, Problem Management and Change Management.  Red Box takes advantage of a full inventory of your users, locations, hardware and more to help you monitor, resolve and update support issues.

Red Box enables a process-oriented approach to the key service management disciplines based on industry best practice. It’s an ‘out of the box’ product which can be brought rapidly into service. It operates as a client-server system, using a Windows PC interfacing with a UNIX or NT server hosting an Oracle relational database.

Red Box supports the IT business processes, for example:

  • Using Problem and Change Management to reduce errors and hence reduce Help Desk calls whilst at the same time improving service quality and availability and increasing productivity
  • Using Configuration Management to identify the live services that are dependent on a piece of hardware and which users are affected

Red Box is a modular product, consisting of the following primary modules:

  • Help Desk and Problem Management
    • Facilitating the management of incident life cycles, whilst being fully integrated with the other Red Box applications
  • Configuration Management
    • Used to maintain data and relationship information about IT Services including hardware, software, services and users.
  • Change Management
    • Manages and controls change by using site definable models, ensuring that changes are processed consistently and monitored from start to finish


Product status

The following product version continues to be supported:

     Red Box 3.0

Further information can continue to be obtained direct from Fox Systems Software.

The latest issued software notice is #4 and describes Service Pack #2

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